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Emerald Fitzgerald co-founded Rox Gallery in 2012 and quickly made a splash in the downtown New York art world. In September of this year, she put up her sail and caught the trade winds back to her home in Sydney, Australia. As a belated bon voyage, here are a few candid snapshots of Emerald in her element back in late March, 2014:


Triptych of Emerald Fitzgerald by Elizabeth Waterman 2013-2014

1. She sits at the front desk of Rox Gallery, rapidly writing emails, glancing up now and then for the man-in-a-suit type – the buyer type. Known for her mercurial sales style, Emerald’s mission is to find the city’s best emerging artists and display their work in its most provocative light. Wearing a t-shirt with her face on it and “Rox” written underneath, she is at the same time glamorous and alien-looking, straddling the fine line between rakish assertiveness and devilish self-parody. Her demeanor is recognizably Lower East Side, where she is vigorously determined to upend its art scene.


2. Emerald steps out for a breath of air. Buoyant by nature, she pops into several galleries and is overwhelmed by images. Excitement spills into her; as love affairs with art go, Emerald’s dream is one of consummation.  She finds herself quietly muttering phrases like “red rocks” with childlike innocence or standing before a sculpture of mirrors, stunned, with nothing to say but “genius,” popping multiple selfies to mark the importance of her discovery.


3. Still at work after hours, Emerald finally stretches out on the gallery floor, facing the window and the street beyond. She kicks her heels overhead, bemoaning the the months of missed yoga and the fatigue that tends to put thorns on her sense of irony. Then she gets up, orders Mission Chinese for twelve, turns up the music, and hosts an impromptu party with the usual locals, occasional collectors, and her beloved slew of assistants. In the wee hours, she retires for a few winks to her closet-sized bedroom under the stairs, only to ramp it up again the next morning.


Triptych of Emerald Fitzgerald by Elizabeth Waterman 2013-2014

We are pleased to announce that with her inimitable drive and enthusiasm, Emerald has hit the ground running in a promising new endeavor: GÆMS, a curatorial venture where she brings music, art, and film together under one umbrella. On 14 November she and Diana Palmer of Palmer Art Projects opened a special exhibition to accompany the release of Bertie Blackman’s new album “The Dash.”  No doubt Emerald is already taking Sydney by storm, and we wish her every success.


Triptych of Emerald Fitzgerald by Elizabeth Waterman 2013-2014

Triptych Portrait by Elizabeth Waterman, 2013-2014.

Writer: Curator Lauren Xandra
Editor: Jonathan Waugh
Digital Post Production: Josh Meckes
Makeup: Jaclyn Schaefer, Rebecca Shaw



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