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ROWSHANA JACKSON / Fashion Director, Beautiful Savage Magazine

When asked how she became a fashion director, Rowshana Jackson laughs in response, “Is that what I am now?” In truth, the title fails to convey her creative range and depth; Jackson’s multifarious talents allow her to simultaneously act as a stylist, art director, curator, producer, and fashion editor.  From the first word she uttered as an infant – “shoe” – to her current work at Beautiful Savage magazine, Jackson has always been driven by a deep appreciation and an innate understanding of style. Since 2005, she has freelanced as a consultant and stylist for independent films, editorial shoots, jewelry and clothing designers, and ready-to-wear collections.


Rowshana Jackson (subconscious) by Elizabeth Waterman, 2014
Rowshana Jackson Triptych 2015

Jackson assumed her current position at Beautiful Savage shortly after working on the cover shoot for its Ceremony Issue in fall of 2013. Her affinity with Chad Saville and his editorial staff was instantaneous and potent. “I felt compelled to assist this magazine,” she explains.  “Whatever they needed me to do, I was going to do.” Drawing from her wide-ranging experience, Jackson has since produced striking editorial shoots, video content, and fashion installations, showcasing the talents of designers, photographers, and other artists.


Rowshana (subconscious) by Elizabeth Waterman, 2014
Urban Outfitter (shirt), Levi’s (shorts)

Despite her years of success, for a long time Jackson had been uneasy with the title of “artist.” “It was kind of the bane of my existence, trying to figure out how to categorize my work,” she recalls. In October of 2013, however, she experienced a moment of clarity while curating BLEND, a runway show-cum-gallery exhibition, for Beautiful Savage. Hosted at the experimental Greenpoint artspace REVERSE, BLEND featured the work of independent, avant-garde designers including Aleksandra Kolanko, Alex Kout, Eleen Halvorsen, Jade Chiu, and Jedda Kahun. Jackson’s styling brought out the artistry of each featured garment, elevating the very process of dressing into a deeply creative act. Directing the show was “definitely an out-of-body experience,” she recalls.


Rowshana Jackson (subconscious) by Elizabeth Waterman, 2014
Jose Duran (jacket), Christian Benner (shirt), Circa Sixty Three (necklace)

Since then, she’s searched for a way to replicate and develop that same feeling … a way, she says, to “visually evoke an emotional response from another person.” With this goal in mind, Jackson hopes to further dramatize the interconnectedness of fashion and visual art through additional installations, appearances at art fairs, and her work with Beautiful Savage. Focused and energized by this artistic epiphany, Jackson – and her projects – can only continue to flourish and effloresce.


Rowshana Jackson (subconscious) by Elizabeth Waterman, 2014
Jade Chiu (rings, earrings), Monika Knutsson (collar piece), Toubab Paris (head piece), Byron Lars for BeautyMark (jacket)

Writer: Blair Beusman
Photographer: Elizabeth Waterman
Editor: Jonathan Waugh
Makeup: Joel Angel
Hair: Chanu Wiltshire
Fashion Stylist: Minga Brown
Stylist Assistant: Rashan Jackson
Digital Post-Production: Joshua Meckes



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